Crazy Plant Lady


#P L A N T L I F E

Confessions of a Crazy Plant lady

“Crazy plant lady” is the new “crazy cat lady.” Trust me. I’m the crazy plant lady. I have over 61 plants. I’m sure you instantly pictured me in the jungle, and you’re not wrong. I started collecting plants as one of my hobbies and it quickly spiraled into a suburban jungle. According to the Washington Post, I’m not alone.

Plants are taking over, especially in urban places far from easily-accessible greenery. Plant keeping is nothing new, though. The Post connects plant care to a means of stability, referencing the simultaneous rise of the houseplants to the Industrial Revolution and the turmoil of the ‘70s. Keeping houseplants has also been linked to better air quality, increased concentration and faster healing from common illnesses. As for me, taking care of my plants has given me a pocket of time to slow down and decompress. On sunny Sunday afternoons, I can almost see my plants breathing. For stressed college students, I'd urge taking in a plant or two and start your own chlorophyll friends club.

Hanna Davison