Portrait Series

Lights. Camera. Awkard Posing. 
What's more to love?


the After Party

A million miles away at your own party



Design a photoshoot using multiple lights

Consider this::

  • Jose, my model, mentioned that he liked the idea of balloons in his photo shoot. I started out with the idea of a bubblegum world, but once we added the blue lights, it seemed so lovely and moody that the idea changed into the sort of feeling one has when they're lonely at a party. 




speaking out



Design a photoshoot using window light.

Consider this::

  • Hope, my model, has talked at length about what being mixed race means to her. The goal of the shoot was to relay concepts of pride in race with simultaneous feelings of being ignored.

  • CONCEPT: A light and airy shoot, coupled with images covering identity.



Outdoor Games

The definition of Wild



Design a photoshoot using the "dimming the sun" technique.

Consider this::

  • Growing up in the country, the outdoors have set the stage to many different activities and mood. This series is centered around capturing the diversity of emotions and activities of my childhood.